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Tohatsu Outboards - Authorized Dealer & Service Center

New Outboard Sales

We aim to deliver the ultimate boating experience by providing outboard motors that are simple, easy to use and of outstanding quality. Simpliq™ Technology embodies the Tohatsu technological philosophy. Named for its integration of simplicity, interface and quality, Simpliq™ Technology is the result of continuous technological innovation fueled by the pursuit of nothing less than the very best.

We stock Tohatsu's best selling models in a range of options in 20 horsepower and less. All other models can be shipped to store, depending on availability. 

Outboard Re-Power

When it's time to ditch that old, dirty burning, hard-to-start engine, Tohatsu is the perfect choice. Tohatsu's four-stroke engines are quiet running, fuel efficient and each one meets the EPA's "Ultra-Low Emissions" standard so you will never have to smell that 2-stroke exhaust again.

We re-power all types of boats. Fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel. Sail, inboard, I/O and outboard, in any combination. 


Whether your boat requires a custom fabricated mount or may need the transom reinforced, to a rotten transom that needs to be re-cored. We have team members that are skilled in fiberglass and fabrication to solve even the most unique challenges that your re-power may pose.  

Service Center

We provide complete care for your boat and engine. From routine engine maintenance to major repairs. From a simple buff and wax to fiberglass and gel coat. We've got you covered. 

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